The zoo animal hospital
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A hospital with an integrated zoo animal theme, with sticker books, stickers to find and child friendly aquarium room to wait.
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Little Dave has hurt his arm while riding his bike. Dave’s mother think it might be serious, so she uses her computer to make an appoint with the physician at the hospital. Dave’s mother brings him to ‘the Zoo Animal Hospital’. The moment Dave got out of the car in the parking lot he spotted a big yellow statue of a Lion. Dave s exited, and wondering what he will see next when he will enter the hospital. When Dave and his mother entre, they walk up to the front desk. In front of the desk is a little step, so Dave can also see what’s happening behind the desk. The friendly woman behind the desk asked what the medical problem is and what Dave’s favorite animal is. Because he has possible a fracture, Dave gets a specific sticker book and a bracelet of his favorite animal with his name on it. In this sticker book, a time line is given, with drawings that illustrates the different departments Dave should visit. Each department has his own theme and color. The Lady behind the desk explains that after Dave visit a department, one big sticker will be given to him and if he pays close attention he even might find more little stickers spread around the hospital. These stickers can be found on sticker boxes. Per his sticker book, Dave first should go to the “Monkey forest”, then to “The Giraffe garden” and at last to the “Lion savanna”. These places are respectively the examination room, the department radiology and the plaster room. Every department has its own theme and color. Each department has also wall paintings of its own theme. This way it’s easy to know for Dave and his mother where they are. Finding the way to another department is easy because on the ground, color lines show the way to the right department. Because Dave must wait a bit before he can go to the examination room, the nurse suggest that they wait a couple of minutes at the “Fish world”. This is a waiting room where people wait before they get their treatment. As the name “fish world” may suggest, there is a very big aquarium. Dave who’s fascinated by the big aquarium with all the fishes, he almost forgets that his arm might be broken. While Dave is spotting fishes, his mother enjoyed a cup of “Oxfam-Fairtrade-coffee”. In “Fish world there are also people who are just visiting relatives, they are sitting in comfy seats. “Fish world” has an overall very relaxed atmosphere. After Dave went through all hospitalizations step, the physician conclude that Dave arm is broken, but for Dave the hospitalization was a good experience for Dave. His arm might be broken, but he has a nice sticker book with tons of stickers he gathered during the day an amazing story to tell to his friends!

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Transforming a regular hospital into an animal zoo hospital requires some creativity. Making wall paintings and decorating may be done by volunteers. For the design animal stickers and the sticker book, a design contest can be organized. The making of the “Fish world” will have the biggest cost. Crowd funding might cover a part of the costs.
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