Nautilium Hospital
short description
This is my 6 ideas of my Hospital for children and women, i want many colors and shapes inspired from nature.
Unfold your idea into a story connected to a specific situation (max 5000 characters)
This my project on a hospital who give positive thoughts in mind in difficult moments, colors transparancy, digital pop-up fishes , insects, plants all that can reassure children when they are at hospital.
Reception ;
First i thought of a reception with a sort of digital aquarium with many fish. Water reconfort and fish slowly dancing in it are very relaxing. I can imagine that the children may have a personal fish at the entry and see his fish on the screen. this personal fish could guide the little patient to the room of his treatment with a digital map on the wall.
How to move in nature?
I also imagined some strollers and wheelchairs in shape of insects, like Ladybirds, grasshoppers. In a big hall,
A magical playroom ;
i imagined a transparent tunnel (things for year 2000, that i dreamt when i was a child and still doesn't exist in the street) to go to one unit to another, Under this tunnel, the child can see other childrens plays in a playroom with lots of toys and transparents domes and a big screen for the painting.. Someone to be between parents and staff :
Children love mascotts because they identify to them, they think that mascotts are full of life, it would be funny for a child to talk with someone very dedicated to the little patient, someone who have his personal file, little patient could be more confident.
Rooms ;
Threads are scary when we are in a hospital room so i imagined a room without threads or hide with plant and butterflies.
Relaxing room to play with no noise :
Finally I imagined a lovely room with Planets and celestial bodies, no agressive light only soft light with soft sound from nature. Planets and stars can be moved with hands and there are funny ergonomic seats.
Conclusion :
I have many ideas but no time, anyway I enjoyed to enroll to this challenge because I love to see hapiness in children eyes. (would you excuse my bad English),
Wish you good reading with all submissions
Greetings from France
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
Here I found lovely mascotts......
French digital studio are efficient in realise digital programs
WWF could be a Partner because all in my project is ecological and give a positive effect for the protection of good animal condition.

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