Welcoming and Friendly Environment
short description
Going into a hospital as a patient for the first time can be daunting and a very traumatic experience for some. A great welcome is key!
Unfold your idea into a story connected to a specific situation (max 5000 characters)
First 10 minute focus:
Patients can be admitted on a short term basis, or just be in for a general check up or a long term basis.
For a relatively long stay patient:
Charlie a twelve year old boy is admitted into the hospital for the first time with his mum, he has been transferred from another hospital, he is stable at the moment but will have to remain at the hospital for at least a week.
The setting of reception:
Contains a rather large aquarium with diverse fish, an interactive large robot which can talk, a vending machine, a mini shop for toiletries, games , books and snacks etc. There are also flat TV screens for entertainment and a wall of arts and crafts created by children and women. There are clear maps of the hospital and clear colour coded signs of wards so it is easy to locate Wards.
The waiting room is nature based, with animal paintings on the wall, a large tree model with hanging butterflies. The room has interactive Ipads attached to a large table with games, drawing, books, walls also have interactive games with headphone sets. In the waiting room there are tables and plenty of comfortable chairs.

On arrival Charlie and his mum are welcomed by two people, two regular volunteers who welcome patients on arrival and talks to patients during the day- having a face that he will see regularly is comforting. His mother is given some information about the hospital and a quick form to fill in while they are taken to the waiting room.
Meanwhile Charlie is given a personal diary and pen- so he can journal/ doodle, a personalised name wrist band which glows in the dark, a booklet which contains a timetable of daily activities such as games, arts and crafts and movie nights etc. occurring that month, a photo montage of the hospital and the different rooms and wards in it e.g. play room, cafeteria, library, maternity ward, study room- where educational activities take place. The booklet will also have an extensive food menu at the back. The booklet provides as a good distraction away from the illness and allows them to get used to their environment. He is also able to play in the waiting room.

He is then shown into his room on Oak Ward, this is a large room where up to four other children of his gender will be. Above the bed is his name in a creative font, the room is blue and has a TV and other home comforts. On his bed is a small cuddly toy charm with the hospital logo and number. Charlie is allowed to settle in and later taken on a tour of the Ward and other places he can go in the hospital.
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
Through the help of architects, interior designers, construction workers and other crafts people, this design can become a reality. Through sponsorship from companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google the equipment can be obtained. Money can be raised online through donations, fund raising schemes, money from major investors. Some work can also be carried out by volunteers to reduce cost. Research would be key in finding potential investors. Also some Medical Universities could be involved so funding from the government could be obtained.
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