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MAKE IT Prize Facilities Track

Catalyzing domestic manufacturing of critical clean energy technology components.
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$30,000,000 Prize Pool across both tracks (Facilities and Strategies)


The Manufacture of Advanced Key Energy Infrastructure Technologies (MAKE IT) Prize aims to catalyze domestic manufacturing of critical clean energy technology components, moving manufacturing facilities from planning to shovel-ready and enabling strategies for vibrant manufacturing activities in communities. This prize, developed by the Office of Technology Transitions in partnership with the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has a prize pool of approximately $30 million spread across two tracks—the Facilities Track and the Strategies Track. 

The Facilities Track accelerates clean energy technology manufacturing plant development and helps support establishing a robust, secure domestic supply chain for components deemed critical for the commercialization of clean energy technologies. This track invites U.S.-based entities to complete and submit the work necessary for a shovel-ready manufacturing facility for specific clean energy technology components. The list of eligible components tentatively includes:

  • Manufacturing for production, processing, delivery, storage, and end-use of clean hydrogen.
    • Facilities to extract and process raw materials for electrolyzer manufacturing;
    • Precision manufactured sub-components for electrolyzers and facilities for electrolyzer assembly;
    • Production capacity for hydrogen-specific midstream infrastructure: hydrogen storage tanks and composite tubes for improved hydrogen storage and distribution;
    • Equipment for hydrogen liquefaction or compression.
  • Manufacturing related to electric grid upgrades and long duration energy storage
    • Components for Distribution and Large Power Transformers
    • Components for High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
    • Manufacturing and assembly of long duration energy storage components and systems
  • Manufacturing related to carbon capture and storage
    • Carbon capture solvent, sorbents, and membranes recovery facilities.

This page outlines the eligibility and track structure for the Facilities Track. More information on the Facilities Track and instructions for competing will be included in the official rules document, which will be released in summer of 2023 following the launch of the prize. 

For information on the Strategies Track, please visit the Strategies Track HeroX page.


Competitor Eligibility

Individuals, teams of individuals, private entities (for-profits and nonprofits), consortiums, and nonfederal government entities (such as states, counties, Tribes, and municipalities) incorporated in the U.S. and interested in establishing a manufacturing plant for a clean energy technology are eligible to submit a Statement of Intent for the Facilities Track. More information can be found in the official rules document. 


Track Structure

This track includes a statement of intent and two phases.

  • Statement of Intent: Competitors submit a statement of intent describing their team and the clean energy technology to be manufactured. Competitors will be notified if their statement is deemed eligible to compete. 
  • Phase 1: Competitors submit a credible plan to establish a manufacturing facility for their identified clean energy technology. 
  • Phase 2: Phase 2 winners will demonstrate they are “shovel-ready” for the construction of a manufacturing facility, including control of a site, permits, financing, and proof of community engagement. 

More information can be found in the official rules document.


The official rules document will be posted following the launch of the prize in summer of 2023 and will contain the complete application process and instructions for competing.

Follow the challenge page to receive the latest updates. For any questions, please use the contact feature on the HeroX platform or message us directly at .