Thank you for joining us on May 21st for our Expert Lecture on "Alex," the Nasco Manikin with Michael Lippincott, Product Manager, Nasco Healthcare. It is available to watch here:

Further product overview of "Alex," along with all product dimensions can be found here


We are also pleased to announce 4 upcoming lectures for June. We encourage you to register now and add them to your calendar.

June 4th, @ 3 pm EST 

Title: Sensors for Remote and Autonomous Low Altitude Flight with Dr. Sanjiv Singh, CEO, Near Earth Autonomy

Bio: Dr. Sanjiv Singh is an innovator, educator, and entrepreneur. He is a Consulting Professor at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and the CEO of Near Earth Autonomy, a start-up that develops autonomy for next-generation aircraft that will inspect infrastructure, deliver cargo, and transport passengers.

Registration Link:


June 11th @ 11:00 am EST

Title: Aircraft Conceptual Design with Dr. Dan Raymer, President, Conceptual Research Corporation

Bio: Dr. Dan Raymer is President of the design and consulting company Conceptual Research Corporation and serves as Program Manager, Configuration Designer, and Chief Engineer for its varied projects. Current and recent projects include the DARPA Flying Missile Rail, the Raymer Manned Mars Plane, and a proprietary high-altitude UAV.

Registration Link:


June 12 @ 1 pm EST

Title: First Responders: Real World Scenarios with Rex Alexander, Founder & President, Five-Alpha (5α)

Bio: Rex Alexander, Founder & President, Five-Alpha (5α)Rex Alexander has over four decades of military, general, and commercial aviation experience as a pilot, A&P maintenance technician, and safety professional. He is a globally recognized subject matter expert on vertical flight infrastructure. He is the founder and president of the aeronautical consulting firm Five-Alpha (5α) LLC, which is dedicated to providing specialized education, research, and insight into the very challenging and unique community of vertical flight infrastructure.

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June 25th @ 11 am EST

Title: Designing your Autonomy Stack with Dr. Maxime Gariel, CTO, Xwing

Bio: Dr. Maxime Gariel is the Chief Technology Officer at Xwing, an aviation company on a mission to radically improve human mobility through fully autonomous airplanes. Maxime is a pilot whose lifelong dream is to make airplanes fly themselves. His work on autonomous flight systems includes fixed-wing to rotary-wing aircraft ranging from small to large aircraft. Prior to Xwing, Maxime was the Principal GNC (Guidance, Navigation & Control) Engineer at Rockwell Collins where he built autonomous aircraft systems like the AgustaWestland SW4 Solo autonomous helicopter. Maxime is a former MIT Postdoctoral Researcher of aerospace systems, and holds a PhD and Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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