GoFly Teams Prepare to Fly Again

By Kenneth I. Swartz
Vertiflite, Nov/Dec 2020

The GoFly Prize was unclaimed in the Final Fly Off in February. Here is the story of the 21 teams who attended and their status during the pandemic. This is a follow-on to the article “GoFly Inspires Innovation.”

Gwen Lighter believed that an international competition could nurture grassroots development of a new generation of light, quiet and compact vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) personal flying devices when she conceived of the GoFly Prize competition in 2015.

Boeing stepped forward with $2M in prize money to stimulate innovation in vertical flight, but it wasn’t until the GoFly fly-off event on Feb. 28–29, 2020 at Moffett Federal Field adjacent to NASA’s Ames Research Center in Sunnyvale, California, that it was possible to meet many GoFly teams for the first time.

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