GoFly is thrilled to announce that Sue and Jim Gardner have partnered with GoFly to engage with all active Phase III Teams who may need support navigating the FAA aircraft and airman pathways. Both are recently retired after an illustrious 30 year career with the FAA.

Jim’s role as a senior executive in Flight Standards with experience navigating both GA airman and aircraft certification, and Sue’s role as the FAA National Aviation Events Specialist, and FAA team member supporting development of pathways for sUAS and unique aircraft (e.g Jetman, flyboards), and Program Lead for the Sport Pilot and LSA rulemaking give them the tools and strong relationships within the FAA to help all our active Phase III teams identify and navigate their way through the FAA certification pathways in an efficient manner. On behalf of GoFly, they will work directly with all active Phase III Teams in a one-on-one capacity to help each team define its FAA certification pathway and then provide an additional 5 hours support for each Phase III team as you process the required FAA paperwork for both your aircraft/vehicle and the pilot/operator.

In order to ensure all active Phase III Teams begin this process now, we have provided this GoFly Regulatory Preliminary Questionnaire to start the process. This form MUST be completed by August 15th for all registered Phase III Teams. Please fill out the form immediately and if you do not have all answers at the moment, just fill in that you do not know.  

For those Teams interested in joining GoFly, GoFly is still accepting NEW Phase III Teams until October 1st.