Full Question: Question: Can we apply as a non-profit for the Ready! Contest? The Set! Contest and Go! Contest require a for-profit business entity. Is their guidance on how a non-profit can compete throughout the competition? Should we partner with a for-profit entity?

Answer: A non-profit can apply for the Ready! Contest.

If they win the Ready! Contest and go on to compete Set! Contest, they have two options:
1. If the non-profit wins the Ready! contest, they would need to incorporate a new for-profit entity to win the Set! Contest.
2. If the non-profit is partnered with a for-profit entity and wins the Ready! Contest and wanted to compete in the Set! Contest, their for-profit partner would need to submit the Set! materials for them. The for-profit would need to be a part of the team during the Ready! Contest to continue on to the Set! Contest.

They should make sure a rep from the for-profit is a team member in HeroX on their submission for the Ready! Contest due to this eligibility criteria in the rules for the Set! Contest:
• Competitors must be a for-profit business entity, such as a corporation or other organization that is formed in and maintains a primary place of business in the United States with majority domestic ownership and control. A for-profit business entity is eligible to compete only if it includes a winner of the Ready! Contest as an employee or owner. Individuals or groups of individuals are not eligible to compete.