Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt
Aug. 19, 2021
1:02 p.m. PDT

Several Questions regarding submission.

1. We were so excited about finding this opportunity that we submitted our initial entry without having it complete. I was under the impression I could add things to my submission, but I don't see that as being possible. The closest information I could find on this in the packet was this:

You must include all the required submission’s elements. The Prize Administrator may
disqualify your submission after an initial screening if you fail to provide all required
submission elements. Competitors may be given an opportunity to rectify submission errors
due to technical challenges.

We obviously have over six weeks to complete the application. Should we prepare a final submission, then REMOVE the original submission and resubmit with all the elements and improvements?

2. Our project is part of a senior thesis at the New College of Florida. Ideally, we wanted to create a prototype for that institution, but they said it was too expensive for them to fund it themselves. Can we sign the college up as a Connector? If so, does that mean that the college will be required to work with other teams or can they just support us?

I'm sure I will have more questions as time goes on...
Thanks, Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt
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Lynn Abramson
Aug. 19, 2021
3:22 p.m. PDT
@Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt
If you contact the prize team and let them know if your confusion, I'm very optimistic they'll allow you to complete your application. Let me know if you need help reaching someone.

Lynn Abramson
Aug. 19, 2021
3:43 p.m. PDT
Sorry, I missed your second question. If you sign the college up as a Connector, they can't be part of your team in any way or derive any monetary benefit from your submission. I suspect it's best to NOT sign them up just yet... they can definitely sign up in the future and offer their resources to others, but there's no need to have them as a Connector while you submit your application.

Also regarding the question about the incomplete submission, I'd recommend you contact Rebecca Bennett to sort this out: I'm very confident they'll take your submission - you're not waiting until the last minute and submitting incomplete documents.
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