Design for San Diego's 2017 Civic Challenge

Design for San Diego's 2017 Civic Design Challenge

How do we create a San Diego where we all move freely?

This challenge is closed

Cash prizes & Networking opportunities

This challenge is closed


Challenge Overview

In a combined effort to solve complex city problems through human-centered design and crowdsourcing, the University of California San Diego Design Lab has launched a city-wide civic design challenge called Design for San Diego (D4SD) with support from the City of San Diego, the National Science Foundation, the Design Forward Alliance, and SCALE SD.

This year’s D4SD challenge focuses on transportation. We all have places to go and people to see. So whether you’re traveling by car, bike, train, bus, boat or foot for work or play, mobility significantly affects millions of city goers everyday. Join D4SD for an unique opportunity to compete and collaborate with other city innovators to help solve some of the most pressing mobility-related issues facing our city.

Apply for the 2017 Civic Design Challenge online at D4SD in partnership with the Design Forward Alliance and SCALE SD will also host a series of in-person events and a digital platform, where participants can network with other people interested in improving the city. Participants will have opportunities to learn human-centered design from UC San Diego educators, and to work with the City of San Diego’s data science team and their the Open Data portal ( to derive value from smart city data.  Participants can submit a wide range of proposed solutions, including new products or services, or new technologies or sensors that spur innovation.  The best solutions will earn cash prizes and private one-on-one meetings with city leaders and startup investors.