Cameron Kinsey
June 19, 2020
10:48 a.m. PDT

Presenting our demonstration

I'm a member of both Team Portables and Team EVBs and working with the team on our demonstrations for July 22nd. We need to be able to screen share to be able to run the demonstrations on our system. You sharing a powerpoint that we submit in advance will not suffice, we assume others have the same need.

Please advise
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Battery Recycling Prize moderator
June 25, 2020
7:57 a.m. PDT
Hi Cameron, we encourage the use of video within your presentation to demonstrate your concept, however, we ask that you pre-record any video in advance. You can upload your video demonstration to YouTube and include that link within your PowerPoint. This is simply to avoid any technical difficulties on Demo Day. Let us know if you have any further questions.
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