Today, the two final winners of the Solar Prize Round 4 were announced. Congratulations to AeroShield Materials and the r&d lab! 

These teams were chosen for their impressive innovations that addressed critical solar energy challenges and have the potential to advance the industry. Each team won $500,000 in cash prizes and $75,000 in technical support vouchers. Their technologies include: 

AeroShield MaterialsBoston, MA: This team is developing a flat-plate solar-thermal energy collector system that operates at more than 120 degrees Celsius with efficiencies greater than 45%. Transparent aerogel insulation enables this performance, minimizes heat loss, allows for simpler receiver design, and reduces cost. Aerogel lets light pass through but doesn’t let heat escape. 

The r&d labPetaluma, CAThis team is designing a metal residential roofing product to make solar roofs more aesthetically pleasing. It will match the color of the roof to the solar panels, increase the speed of installation, and match the lifespans of the solar and roof components. This innovation has the potential to increase solar adoption among consumers.

Congratulations to these two teams for winning the Solar Prize Round 4. We are eager to see your continued impact on solar and beyond! 

As a reminder, the Solar Prize Round 5 is now accepting both hardware and software submissions through Oct. 5. We highly encourage Solar Prize newcomers and alumni to apply!