The Perovskite Startup Prize has selected its first Liftoff Contest grand prize winner: Verde Technologies! The team was awarded a $500,000 cash prize and a $100,000 technical support voucher to continue their journey toward commercializing their concept. 

About Verde Technologies

Verde Technologies is working with a network of national labs, research groups, and industrial partners to develop a domestically manufactured lightweight and flexible perovskite solar module. Their goal is to make these panels more efficient than foreign-sourced panels and less costly to install, resulting in a more robust solar supply chain and a lower levelized cost of energy. 

The team is leveraging their ability and knowledge to rapidly translate laboratory-scale perovskite advancements to commercially relevant manufacturing processes, in part using a novel solution processing hardware called Verde Slot Coating. 

Throughout the Countdown Phase of the Perovskite Startup Prize, the Verde team used their unique expertise in coating to successfully integrate and translate third-party intellectual property to scalable processes, complete a full-scale manufacturing trial with industrial partners, demonstrate a strong market pull for their novel perovskite solar products, and raise funding from venture capital investors. 

Congratulations to Verde Technologies! Note that there is still one more Liftoff Contest award available to Perovskite Startup Prize finalists. The next quarterly submission period is now open with the anticipated submission deadline in April 2024. Reminder that if teams are planning to apply for the April deadline, they must send a letter of intent to a month in advance of the deadline. 

All teams who submitted to the January deadline should expect to receive comments from the expert reviewers in the next few weeks.