Two teams are moving on as finalists in the American-Made Perovskite Startup Prize, earning $200,000 and joining a group of four other finalists competing in the Liftoff Contest.

The latest finalists were announced today, April 11, by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office at the Materials Research Society Spring Meeting in San Francisco. No teams have been selected as Liftoff Contest winners yet.

The teams moving on as finalists are as follows: 

  • American Perovskites (San Jose, CA): This team is working with a host of players including Colorado School of Mines, TDA Research, TandemPV, and The University of Toledo. Their innovation is industrial synthesis of a novel family of polymer hole transport materials with unbeatable reliability, optical properties, and cost.
  • Perotech Energy (Chapel Hill, NC): This team’s innovation is developing perovskite bifacial modules using high throughput and low-cost solution process with high stability and energy yield. 

This marks the final teams moving on to the Perovskite Prize Liftoff Contest. The six Countdown Contest finalists who qualified for the Liftoff Contest include: 

  • American Perovskites
  • Beyond Silicon
  • MujiElectric LLC
  • Perotech Energy
  • SoFab Functionalized Inks
  • Verde Technologies Inc.

During the Liftoff Contest, finalists work towards demonstrating substantial progress and validation of their technology, as well as developing a diverse network of mentors and partners to support their business and technology development. They are competing for a $500,000 cash prize and $100,000 technical support voucher.

Congratulations to the two new finalists and good luck in the Liftoff Contest!