To assist teams with their submission package for Countdown, DOE has developed a deliverables table example to help provide guidance on this required component of the Countdown Contest. This deliverables table is an opportunity for competitors to show they understand the full depth and breadth of technical and business outcomes necessary to create a successful company.

The deliverables table is a list of quantifiable development goals (i.e., milestones) that will be accomplished by the time of your Liftoff submission. It will describe the process you will use and evidence you will provide (i.e., deliverables) to show the goals were accomplished. In addition, appropriate justification should be provided to explain the importance of accomplishing the goals as it relates to your company’s development and the wider industry. These goals and your ability to accomplish them are a core criterion of the Liftoff Contest assessment.

Please find the example of the Deliverables Table under the resources tab, here