ADL Ventures is the Power Connector for the Perovskite Startup Prize!

Power Connectors operate under a contract with NREL to identify and support competitors in the Countdown and Liftoff Contests, so they are ineligible for all recognition awards. Power Connectors are Connectors who play a more substantial role in the competition and receive funds to expand and amplify DOE and NREL’s efforts. Power Connectors will be rewarded for efforts that: 

  • Increase the number of new, high-quality competitors
  • Expand the network of partners, resources, and tools
  • Support contests and teams with an increasingly robust and diverse American-Made Network and expand teams access to nongovernment resources and funding

ADL Ventures is building the Mentor Network available to the teams competing in the Perovskite Startup Prize. Stay tuned for the launch of the Mentor Network. If you want to reach out to ADL Ventures, contact Yan Yan at