Join us tomorrow 2/29 at 2pm ET for the Virtual DEEC Demonstration Prep Webinar

At the end of Phase II, competitors will be required to attend a virtual meeting with the Prize Administrator demonstrating the testing process and validating the test results in the Test Report and Technical Narrative. Tune into this demonstration webinar, where the prize administrators will roll-play what to expect during a Live Virtual DEEC Demonstration!

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A reminder for competitors about all the great resources available to help you succeed with your submission!


Meet with an Energy Mentor 1:1!


Learn more about Kim Nielsen from Ramboll and schedule a time to meet here:


Learn more about Ronan Costello from WaveVenture and schedule a time to meet here:


Great resources at your fingertips!

Go to our resources page to find the official rules document along with helpful training materials in Appendix C. We also have links to templates and past webinar recordings and slides to refer to. If you have any questions, make sure to post them on the InDEEP forum so other competitors can benefit from the information!