As a reminder, there is an upcoming webinar on Wednesday and teams are encouraged to participate in to gather background on innovation methods:

  • 5/10/23 - 9:00am MT/11:00amET - This one hour webinar will cover innovation methods.* Register here.

*Teams signed up for the leaderboard will earn points for their participation in these live webinars. Those who have not yet completed the initial eligibility confirmation on HeroX will not earn points though, so beforehand, make sure to click the “Solve This Challenge” button on the InDEEP homepage and select “My Entries” to access the leaderboard eligibility form. Reach out to us with any questions you have beforehand on the Forum!


Additionally, for those of you that have started participating, the Leaderboard is now live under the Leaderboard tab

Rankings as of 5/10/23:

  1. CannGraphene, LLC
  2. Wave Grid
  3. SOAR
  4. AMSL
  5. Ron Pelrine's Team
  6. Camswails6


And finally, as a part of this prize, the team is collecting feedback from competitors on the use of the Technology Performance Level (TPL) Assessment Tool. The feedback form is now available under the resources tab. Please share with us any thoughts you have on your experience using the tool as soon as you get to that step in your concept development process. 


-InDEEP Prize Administration Team