The greatest wine bottle holder ever designed

We are calling on the world's most creative minds to design the wine bottle holder of the future through advanced design and 3D Printing Read Overview...
$1,500 in 3D printing credit + 3% royalty on revenue

Wine is one of the oldest, and most popular drinks in the annals of human history. In addition to your pantry and local merchant, wine has been discovered within the graves of the pharaohs dating back thousands of years.

A noble stand for a noble drink

The aim of this design challenge is to design a noble stand for this noble drink, according to the most modern technologies.

The design should be submitted to 3D Print Western, Edmonton by November 15, 2017. Winners will be announced on January 10, 2018

The competition only accepts watertight .STL format files from the participants applying to this event.

According to the judging criteria, the best 2 design ideas will be 3D printed by the 3D Print Western team.

The 3 best ideas will receive valuable gifts including $1,000 in 3D Priting credit.

  • The design should be submitted to 3D Print Western Edmonton by November 15, 2017
  • The design should consider the material properties of the FDM 3D printing materials, namely ASA, PC. The properties are available at the home page of the manufacturer (Stratasys).
  • The design should consider the printing capabilities of the 3D printer used - Fortus 900, see manufacturer (Stratasys) website for printing specificaitons and tolerances.
  • The final printed product should require minimal manual assembly and minimal post-processing (colouring, sanding) manual assembly is required.
  • All entries must be participants original work, have not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.
  • The design including picture, icon, symbol within shall not in any way infringe any third parties right. Including but not limited to copyright, logos, trademark or other proprietary rights.
  • There is a limit of 2 submissions per each participants, however only 1 participant can only be nominated for 1 of his/her submissions.
  • Team entries are welcome, but they will be considered as 1 participant, and the above mentioned rules are valid to them.
  • The winning design belongs to the organizer who reserves the right to print, use and alter it in any manner deemed fit, without payment of any fee.

The design should be capable of:

  • Mechanically support minimum 1, maximum 3 standard sized (750 ml) bottles of wine.
  • Stand/sit on a table without any additional support.
  • Hold the bottles in an angle, or in laid position to maintain the humidity level of the cork.
  • For the design process, any kind of 3D modelling environment (SolidWorks, CREO, MAYA, 3DS Max, etc.) and any kind of topology optimization software (Inspire, ProTop, ParetoWorks, etc.) can be used.


  • Student/Student Team - Any student can participate from inside and outside Canada, regardless of area of study.
  • Professional/Professional Team - Professional designers, engineers, design studios.


  • The winner will receive $1,500 in 3D printing credit (must be redeemed at 3D Print Western)
  • The winner will also receive 3% royalty on revenue of their design for 3 years.
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