Mark Moser

low head hydro

Is this contest for reconfigurations of the standard open/closed loop systems or would a low head horizontal system that accumulates water for mechanical rotation be in the cards?
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Tessa Greco
@Mark Moser
The FAST Prize encourages new and innovative ideas outside of traditional or standard PSH configurations. Please review the Prize Rules in the "Resources" tab for more information. Thanks for your question!
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Global Innovator
low head
low potential energy
low kinetic energy
low electricity generated

Mark Moser
Zero head closed loop accumulated energy with high kinetic/potential energy generation. What’s your point ?

Global Innovator
hydro power stays for non-zero head

accumulated energy stays for potential energy
zero head generates no kinetic or potential energy
since zero head exactly stays for zero potential energy

I am in touch with developers of Energy Vault Project, suggesting them to give up ;(

Mark Moser
Hi Global, True, I Agree with you. Unless there has been a way to multiply the force of the accumulated water by say 2 or 3,4,5 etc through application of centrifugal force instead of gravity ? I call them WRKR units. I think there going to be a very promising to a clean energy furture.
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