Citri-Fi® 125 Student Innovation Challenge

The challenge is to find new uses for Citri-Fi® 125, a natural citrus fiber, in food, industrial, construction and energy applications. Read Overview...

Fiberstar, Inc. is hosting this Student Challenge:
· To promote innovative thinking in science and engineering to sustainably solve real world issues including improving quality, cost effectiveness, incorporation of all natural ingredients, extended shelf life and improved organoleptic properties, possible replacement of chemically modified ingredients and allergens.
· To increase the application knowledge of Citri-Fi 125 and its various particle sizes, i.e. Citri-Fi 125FG (minus 100 mesh) and Citri-Fi 125M40 (minus 200 mesh).
· To provide students with a platform to collaborate with other students and science and engineering professionals to work on industries toughest challenges
· To leverage an opportunity for students to demonstrate an understanding of science and engineering to articulate scientific solutions in an easy and understandable manner
· To pursue innovative ideas in non-food applications with the sponsoring of the top award for industrial, construction, and energy applications. Innovative ideas could provide any of the following benefits: cost savings, sustainability, natural alternative (replace chemical or synthetic solutions in the marketplace), functionality or solutions for underserved or unmet demand in the market.

You can work on this project collaboratively and with an online whiteboard (i.e. Magic Board) here https://leo.engineering.com/project/29.


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