Intelligent Junction Box
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Design an Intelligent Junction Box (IJB) which can have the ability to show on a screen the electric capabilities of the solar modules.
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Many projects do not produce the planned energy power because the manufacturer of the solar modules does not deliver the correct solar modules, many manufacturers from abroad sell solar modules of some power and deliver lower-power solar modules, putting this practice at a disadvantage to our local industry.
The most common solar modules are the 60 and 72 cells, and are from 225 watts to 370 watts, but all look the same, the only thing that identifies the electrical capabilities of the Solar Module is a sticker that the manufacturer prints and stamps on the back of the solar module next to the junction box.
My idea is to make the Junction Box not only a box that connects all the solar cells of a module, but also to show in a display the electrical characteristics of the solar module in real time just by putting the solar module face to the sun. so the buyer or end user can be sure that have the correct solar module.
The data that can be show are the same data as in the sticker but in real time, that is, the power in Watts, voltages Vmp, Voc and ampers imp, Isc.
Placing Intelligent Junction Boxes installed in all modules used in the United States would help our industry against dishonest competition from abroad.
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