David Kaftan
March 25, 2022
2:06 p.m. PDT

Why were there only 2 runner up winners?

There were supposed to be five runner up winners. Only two were awarded. Can you please explain, with reference to the rules documentation, why other teams were disqualified?
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NREL Challenge moderator
March 28, 2022
11:34 a.m. PDT
Hi David,

We appreciate your question. We anticipated 5 winning teams and 5 runners-up for this prize, however following a careful review of the evaluation period results (overall ranking and the individual CRPSS relative to the persistence ensemble benchmark forecast) as well as the commercialization plan scores and expert reviewer feedback, we ultimately decided to award 5 winners and 2 runner-up teams. 

For more information regarding your individual team’s forecast results you may do so via the Solar Forecast Arbiter tool (links were emailed to competitors at the beginning of the evaluation period). Feedback on your commercialization plan from the Expert Review panel will be shared within the next week.

You can find more information regarding our selection process in Section 6 of the official rules ( - starting on page 19). 

We note the anticipated number of winners on page 1 as well as on page 8 of the rules – see excerpts below: 

 “SETO anticipates making a total of 10 awards (five winners and five runners-up) but may award winners and runners-up depending on the performance of the competitors and at the discretion of the judge. However, the total prize purse will not exceed $375,000.” (Page 8) 

“This prize offers a total of up to $375,000 in cash prizes, with five anticipated winners and five anticipated runners-up.” (Page 1) 

Thank you again for your question and for your interest in the Solar Forecasting Prize.
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