Andrew Lowenstein

Word limit for submissions

Instructions for the Technical Narrative on the Teaming Submission states "Responses to these questions must not exceed 5,000 words in total. You may also include supporting images, figures, or graphs in the narrative." I would think that words that appear in images, figures and graphs are not included in the word count. However, I expect that our submission will have several tables, some with detailed information. For example the requirement to include "a summary of the expected costs for materials, fabrication, construction, and operation of the full-scale, commercial solution" might best be presented as a table. If the table is inserted as an image, words in the table will not be part of the document's word count. Can we include tables as images?
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NREL Challenge
Per the rules, tables do not explicitly count towards the word limit. However, if your tables are very text heavy, please consider using less than the 5,000 word total. Tables can be included as images.

Jonathan Blackwell
Thank you for this Forum post as we review communications for our submission.
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