With the development of Renewance Connect, a purpose-built digital platform for tracking and managing batteries throughout their lifecycle, the Renewance team is putting the power to recycle back into the hands of lithium-ion battery consumers. Through Renewance Connect, parties with end-of-life batteries have convenient access to reuse and recycling services from qualified parties that can recover spent lithium-ion batteries in the most competitive, eco-friendly, and regulatory compliant manner. In addition, the platform allows users to prioritize cost, timing, and environmental impact of the potential recovery solutions.

"Renewance Connect provides efficient end-to-end reverse logistics for reuse and recycling through optimized on-demand services," explained Renewance Team Captain Thomas Newhall "This strategy maximizes recovery rates in a fully traceable, environmentally sound, and cost-effective manner."

To accomplish this vision, Renewance Connect leverages the existing infrastructure alongside cradle-to-grave asset tracking to optimize the recycling supply chain. The Renewance team works with stakeholders throughout the supply chain, such as battery manufacturers, collection services, state-of-health assessment, and reuse or recycling organizations. This unique cradle-to-grave strategy also informs industrial battery owners of their asset retirement obligations at the beginning of the battery lifecycle. 

In Phase III of the Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize, Renewance focuses on further platform development and validation efforts for stationary storage and electric vehicle applications. Renewance is collaborating with Argonne National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to refine the platform's environmental impact and reuse value analysis. When fully scaled, Renewance Connect will be able to track the number of lithium-ion batteries active in the marketplace, as well as the recovery rate over time. 

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