Welcome to the Ameritas Innovation Challenge!

Welcome to the Ameritas Innovation Challenge!

Have an idea to boost sales or grow Ameritas in other ways? Let’s see it! Enter by Feb. 22, 2019, for a shot at the grand prize of $5,000.

Challenge Overview

The Challenge: Generate the best ideas for growth

No one knows Ameritas better than you, no one’s in better position to see how we can boost sales or grow the company in other ways. Define your best idea by writing a few sentences describing it. When you’re ready, click the Accept Challenge button and follow the instructions to enter the challenge.

Entries must be submitted by Feb. 22, 2019. Ideas will be scored on predefined factors. Qualifying ideas will be advanced to the Ameritas Innovation Lab for help creating a business case and a presentation to the Ameritas Innovation Growth Board.

Bright ideas will light our path into the future

Spurring innovation at Ameritas

Sustaining our growth momentum requires outside-the-box thinking that will lead to novel ideas and solutions. The Ameritas Innovation Challenge, the new Ameritas Innovation Lab and Ameritas Innovation Growth Board are all part of the plan to identify, develop and activate ideas that can accelerate growth.

Crowdsourcing: Attracting ideas from a large group

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining services, ideas or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people. The Ameritas Innovation Challenge is designed to attract ideas from our 2,400-plus associates. Since we call ourselves a herd, maybe we should call this “herdsourcing.”

HeroX will help us focus on our ideas

Everything you need to know about the Ameritas Innovation Challenge can be found here on the HeroX platform. It's also where you will enter your idea into the competition. As our innovation partner, HeroX will help manage the challenge so we can focus on identifying and developing our best ideas.


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