Talos Air-water turbine

Air-water turbine is a dedicated compressed air turbine which will be used in compressed air power generation in comperessed air storage energy industry as peak shaving. Its characteristics is very high efficiency and low cost.
Usually wind is strong at night and weak during the day, but the electricity consumption is the opposite, less at night and more during the day. There is a time difference between electricity production and consumption. In order to make up for this difference, the peak shaving of electricity has to be used.
The compressed air power generation is a new method, there is no a dedicated compressed air turbine untill now. The steam turbine has to been used as compressed air power generation. Its cost is very high but its efficiency is low because of coaxial structure reason.
Talos solution is "air-water turbine" which will be a dedicated compressed air turbine in the future.
There are 7-8 level rotors in air water turbine. Each rotor is independent. One rotor drives one generator. Each rotor is an independent wind turbine. The efficiency of each rotor is the same. The power of each rotor Pn=(1/2)*(1.25-1.5)*ρ*S*Vn3 . The efficiency is P=(Vin3-Vout3)/Vout3, The overall efficiency reaches 95%.
Four key factors make it high efficient and low cost.
1. Independent rotor
2. Diversion cover
3. Atomized water
4. Deflectors