For the past 2-weeks, our team has been diligently reviewing the submissions and we have been thoroughly impressed by the number of engaged innovators around the world. To date, we have received over 5,600 views for this challenge, including an engaged community of 121 and 28 quality submissions. 

We are pleased to announce the following semi-finalists:

Facile Copper Removal from Shredded Steel ScrapbyJohnNewport
VCEP Process for Copper Reduction in Iron MeltsbyRobertFoster
One step Cu removal during heat-up of steel scrapbyBoydDavis
Ending Copper Entrapment by Cryogenic ComminutionbyCliffEdwards
Crushed steel powder magnet extracted from cooperbyLeonSandler
UCTSS Unwanted Copper Target Separation SystembyJovanovicIgor

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