Set! Contest Submission Template

brief description
Please use this template to complete your submission package. This template will guide you through the requirements for the Cover Page and four narrative answers, as well as supplementary information.
key insights
  • Use this document to complete the narrative requirement for your Set! Contest submission.
  • This template is a Word document. If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, there are other free solutions available that can be used to open and view the document (Google Docs, Pages for Mac OS, Open Office, etc.).
  • The suggested solutions for viewing a Word document without Microsoft Word also allow users to export or save as a Word document. So, you should be able to save in that format.
  • However, you can also save your document as a PDF upon completion.
  • We highly recommend using the Word template for entry submissions. The submission form will only accept file types of either a Word document or a PDF (we encourage submitting as a PDF). Please refer to the insights for suggestions on document type conversion.