Don’t forget, Thursday, May 23, is the deadline to submit your photos for the Solar Photo Competition. The prize administrators highly recommend submitting all materials before the 5 p.m. ET deadline to avoid any potential delays or technical difficulties.  

If you haven’t submitted your application yet, please note that the “Image” field at the top of the application is not where official submission photos should be added. Rather, this is an opportunity to upload an individual or team photo.  

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To upload solar-related photos, continue scrolling to Section 7, where you’ll find information on minimum file size and other important submission details.  

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Resource Recap 

  • Questions about the prize can be posted in the public Forum tab where a prize administrator and the HeroX community can respond.  
  • A recording of the Solar Photo Competition informational webinar (including slides) is available in the Resources tab. 
  • All submission details can be found in the Official Rules document. Please read the rules in their entirety before uploading your submission.  

All photos must be submitted using this file naming convention: PhotoTitle_LastName_CategoryAbbreviation. Find a full list of the category abbreviations here

We look forward to seeing your sun shots soon!