A recording of the Solar Photo Competition informational webinar (including slides) is now available in the HeroX Resources tab. During this webinar, prize administrators gave an overview of the prize, including important details such as: 

  • Applicant eligibility 
  • Submission requirements 
  • Scoring metrics
  • How to navigate HeroX.

This information, and more, can be found in the Official Rules document, also located in the Resources tab. We highly recommend reading the rules in their entirety before uploading your submission. 

Key Prize Reminders

  • All photos must be submitted using this file naming convention: PhotoTitle_LastName_CategoryAbbreviation. Find a full list of the category abbreviations here.
  • Questions about the prize can be posted in the public Forum tab where a prize administrator and the HeroX community can respond. 
  • Submissions are due by May 23 at 5 p.m. ET

As a reminder, for zip files too large for the HeroX platform, photographers can upload submissions using the external upload site, Box. If you plan to upload submission materials through Box, please complete all required fields in the HeroX application and indicate in the entry form that you plan to “Upload Images on Box” before submitting. To request more information about Box, please email 

We look forward to seeing your solar photos soon!