Hi teams, 

Thank you all for joining the webinar this week. We will be sharing a link to the recording soon for anyone who was unable to attend. 

We did receive a few questions after the webinar had concluded, so we have provided our responses for the two questions that went unanswered below. Let us know if you need any further clarification, and good luck developing your concepts!


  1. Are we required to use WEC-Sim for our simulation?
    1. No. WEC-Sim is not a requirement, but just an option available to the competitors to complete the simulation. 
  2. Who would be the earliest adopter of our new technologies?
    1. This competition was designed around the specific design needs of potential customers at NOAA who study hurricane monitoring. We cannot guarantee acquisition of any technologies, but a self-charging AUV would have applications for a variety of end-users. We encourage you to think about how the technology could be used ranging anywhere from the government to the private sector.