Need a Partner?

There have been several inquiries regarding the need for a partner for the Ocean Observing DISCOVER Competition. If you are interested in finding a partner for your team, please email with the information listed within the Partnership Matching Template resource.  

The information includes:

  • Your HeroX name
  • Your contact Info (email/phone/message via HeroX)
  • I am looking for:
  • Your affiliation
  • Intended application of idea
  • Ocean resource being utilized
  • Brief description what you are looking for (<150 words)


Once this information is received the Prize Administration team will update the “Potential Partners” worksheet located in the Resources tab on the Ocean Observing Prize HeroX page. Updates to the worksheet will be made within one business day of your request. Keep watch as updates are made and feel free to reach out to anyone listed with your teaming inquiry.

As always, reach out with your questions, and good luck in these final weeks of preparation before the Wednesday, February 12 deadline.