We’re getting close to the end of the Net Load Forecasting Prize! More than 70 teams are completing their final days of the forecasting period and the top 10 teams are battling it out. At the end of week 4, we have Pearl moving back into first place, Garnet jumping up to second place, and Turquoise holding steady in third place. 

Since June 18, teams have been submitting day-ahead forecasts every day for locations in Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, and Georgia. The forecasts are then compared against actual net load data (provided by four partner utilities) using the open-source Solar Forecast Arbiter platform. This makes the Net Load Forecasting Prize one of the largest and most realistic forecast competitions to date!

The leaderboard tab on HeroX shows the rankings for each of the four locations, with each team listed as an anonymous gemstone pseudonym. The rankings below show the cumulative results across all locations.

Competitors have just a few days left to upload forecasts and switch up the rankings. Check out the leaderboard tab for full standings in each of the locations and stay tuned for a final update next week and the winner announcement in September!