The Net Load Forecasting Prize competitors have officially completed their first two weeks of forecasts and the anonymized results are in! Pearl is taking an early lead, with Turquoise closely behind in second place and Chrysocolla in third. 

Every day from June 18 to July 16, competitors submit solar forecasts for four locations across the United States. The leaderboard tab on HeroX shows the rankings for each of the four locations, with each team listed as an anonymous gemstone pseudonym. The rankings below show the cumulative results across all locations.

Throughout the forecasting period, prize administrators will share the top 10 cumulatively ranked teams on HeroX throughout the forecasting period. The top 10 of the more than 70 total competing teams are as follows: 

The top three performing teams at the end of the forecasting period will win the following cash prizes: 

  • 1st - $200,000
  • 2nd - $150,000
  • 3rd - $100,000

Up to three runners-up will win $50,000 for their successful solar forecasting capabilities.

Check out the leaderboard tab for full standings in each of the locations and stay tuned for weekly updates!