Congratulations to our new MAKE IT Prize winners! Twelve MAKE IT Prize Strategies Track winners each took home $50,000 from Round 2 Phase 1.     

Strategies Track Round 2 Phase 1 winners will now join the Round 1 teams already competing in Phase 2 of the track to create a roadmap for clean energy manufacturing in their region and demonstrate interest from manufacturers.


Congratulations to the winning teams!  

  • Building A Climate Resilient Future for All (Delaware) 
  • Clean Energy Manufacturing in Mendenhall, MS (Mississippi) 
  • Creating the Equitable Clean Energy Future (Georgia) 
  • Inland SoCal for Advanced Manufacturing (California) 
  • Innovate Jonesboro (Maine) 
  • Joliet Commercialization Coalition (JCC) (Montana) 
  • Make It Mohawk Valley (New York) 
  • MAKE IT on the Rosebud Reservation (South Dakota) 
  • Metal Fuels Alliance (Virginia) 
  • Project 81 (Oklahoma) 
  • Quincy’s Strategy to “Make It” Happen! (Florida) 
  • South Arkansas Green Energy Project (SAGEP) (Arkansas) 

Nine Facilities Track winners each received $500,000 from Phase 1 of the Primary Timeline. Read more on the Facilities Track HeroX page


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