On December 18, 2020, 11 I AM Hydro Prize winners were selected, each receiving a share of the $175,000 cash prize pot.

Congratulations to our prize-winning teams:

  • Grand prize: Cadens, LLC, Utility of Large Area AM for Small Hydro
  • Innovator prizes: 
  • Skuld LLC, Additive Manufacturing Evaporative Casing 
  • AI-Driven Design Optimization of Turbines
  • Interphase Materials, Anti-Fouling Coating for Hydropower Cost Reduction
  • Fusion-Free Fabrication, Augmented Repair via Additive Manufacturing
  • Composite Magnet for Hydropower Generators 
  • Ceramic Rust Universal Sealant Technology
  • Multiscale Systems, Lowering Costs with Mechanical Metamaterials 
  • RCAM Technologies, Retrofitting of Non-Powered Dams Using 3-D Concrete Printing 
  • Mazdak International Inc, Semi-Solid Casting for Hydro-Turbines 
  • Super-frictionless Surfaces Quasi-R® 

And congratulations to all of our amazing finalists for their work over the past few months, from the start of this competition through to the end. We appreciate everyone's engagement and wish you all success in moving your concepts forward!