Congratulations to the winners the Hydrogen Business Case Prize! Each of these four teams successfully developed a new tool that characterizes business cases for hydrogen in user-defined scenarios, accounting for multiple end-use applications and key drivers of profitability, such as energy prices and infrastructure and hydrogen production costs.

The winning teams are: 

  • First Place: Super Hydrogen Brothers | $50,000
    Hydrogen Business Appraisal Tool (HBAT) to consolidate state-of-the-art technologies and determine how practical each one will be given the user’s parameter preferences.
  • Second Place: Bend Hydrogen | $30,000
    Biomass gasification Optimal Business Case Analysis Tool (BOBCAT) to evaluate the business case analysis for hydrogen production from gasification.
  • Third Place: Pure Hydrogen | $30,000
    H2X model to analyze business feasibility and environmental impacts for different configurations of green hydrogen production.
  • Fourth Place: H24SCR | $20,000
    Probability of Hydrogen Integration (Phi) tool to calculate the viability of hydrogen production in a given location. 

We are proud of each of these teams for their growth over the course of the Hydrogen Business Case Prize and we look forward to their continued success in clean energy innovations.