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Call for Intelligent Systems, Robotics and AI Seed Funding Applications!

Chrysalix Venture Capital is seeking applications for early stage funding for AI, automation, robotics & intelligent systems startups. Read Overview...
$1 Million in Seed Funding

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About Chrysalix Venture Capital

Chrysalix is a technology focused venture capital company that builds, mentors and connects high-growth companies. We have built our reputation on bringing disruptive innovation to the world’s largest industries by focusing on where technology meets physical science.


Our investments include breakthrough technologies like 3D printing of steel, fast charging electric vehicle infrastructure, emissions-free solar steam, smart mining and nuclear fusion. We see the automation of knowledge and physical work as the categories of technologies that will have the greatest disruptions and hence opportunities for the world’s largest industries over the coming decade. This is an extension of all the intelligent systems investing Chrysalix has focused on through our history, producing some of the most exciting innovations and our best portfolio companies with the highest returns.


Chrysalix has a proven methodology of sourcing disruptive technologies ahead of the curve and connecting inventors with large industrial partners. We are currently looking to fund the most promising next generation enabling technologies. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis
March 18, 2018, 12:04 p.m. PDT
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Sept. 26, 2017, midnight PDT
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