Chrysalix Venture Capital

Call for Intelligent Systems, AI and Robotics Seed Funding Applications!

Call for Intelligent Systems, AI and Robotics Seed Funding Applications!

Chrysalix Venture Capital is seeking applications for early stage funding for energy technology and resource productivity solutions.
$1 Million in Seed Funding

Challenge Overview

Are you working on the next big idea? 

Innovation for large industrial markets can lead to big wins but the path to success is hard. Even when technology breakthroughs are proven, often the greatest challenge is to unlock markets characterized by conservative customers and slow sales cycles. Our global team comprises experienced technology investors, entrepreneurs and operators with industrial sector expertise.

Our goal is to support startups to bigger and accelerated outcomes by offering strategic assistance, particularly:

  • Unique market insight and sophisticated go to market strategies.
  • Introductions to customers, partners, other investors and top talent.

We love early stage opportunities where ideas and teams are still taking shape but can invest at a late stage too. We cover North America, Europe and Asia, and we can lead or syndicate with others.

What we look for:

  • Attractive markets with billion dollar opportunities.
  • Compelling customer value proposition.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Start of a strong team.
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