Chrysalix Venture Capital


Call for Intelligent Systems, AI and Robotics Seed Funding Applications!

Chrysalix Venture Capital is seeking applications for early stage funding for energy technology and resource productivity solutions.
$1 Million in Seed Funding

Challenge Overview

Are you working on the next big idea? 

Innovation for large industrial markets can lead to big wins but the path to success is hard. Even when technology breakthroughs are proven, often the greatest challenge is to unlock markets characterized by conservative customers and slow sales cycles. Our global team comprises experienced technology investors, entrepreneurs and operators with industrial sector expertise.

Our goal is to support startups to bigger and accelerated outcomes by offering strategic assistance, particularly:

  • Unique market insight and sophisticated go to market strategies.
  • Introductions to customers, partners, other investors and top talent.

We love early stage opportunities where ideas and teams are still taking shape but can invest at a late stage too. We cover North America, Europe and Asia, and we can lead or syndicate with others.

What we look for:

  • Attractive markets with billion dollar opportunities.
  • Compelling customer value proposition.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Start of a strong team.

Challenge Guidelines

Chrysalix is seeking funding applications from a variety of technology companies in the following areas of robotics and automation:



The integration between mechanics, electronics and software has quickly evolved in the 21st century. Think of the conductor and the orchestra working much better together through smarter design.


If the programmer supplies all the intelligence, then that’s just a program. If a system is modeled on the mind, you can create an intelligent system that is capable of learning and reacting to the world.


Building on the AI example, if the machine has an intelligent world model, the sensors and machine vision can help build on that foundation, helping the machine “learn.”


The near future will see stronger communication and control between human and machine allowing the machines to function better for us humans.


Today robots typically perform from a top-down directive, one task at a time, and for safety reasons far away from people. In the near future, we will see robots working collaboratively and intelligently with humans leading to huge productivity gains.


Like switches in the power semiconductor industry, through a combination of demand, Moore’s law and rapid advancements in science and technology, component parts are getting better designed and cost much less.


Here's How it Works:

1.In addition to the interest areas, below is context on our investment processes and next steps after a submission:

*Basic Screening - A basic screening review of the submission is done on an on-going basis to determine whether compliance exists with the investment focus. During this basic review, intellectual property issues are discussed with entrepreneurs to ensure clarity concerning ownership and possible partner relationships. Essentially, Chrysalix is looking at the market opportunity, technology defensibility, management team, financing needs, and fit into the overall Chrysalix portfolio in terms of segment, weighting, and maturity.

*Initial Analysis & 1h Call - Positive review in the basic screening results in the potential investment being added to our deal list.The initial analysis evaluates whether critical success factors exist within the following areas: primary target markets (value proposition, scope, and projected demand), management team, technological position, stage of product development, financials and exit strategy.

*Initial Dialogue & Meetings - Stemming from the initial screen, the Chrysalix lead formulates questions seeking additional information while continuing dialogue with the entrepreneur. Upon receipt of confirmation or verification of information requested, a further review of the material occurs, ensuring proper analysis of intellectual property issues, market opportunities, technical development risks and financing needs.

*Formal Due Diligence - This formal due diligence will cover all the areas mentioned within the initial screening process of the review. In each business plan, Chrysalix looks for clearly defined milestones relating to the most important issues. A variety of specialists with whom Chrysalix works may become involved in this part of the due diligence process. 

*Investment Decision - Based on the due diligence analysis, the responsible Chrysalix lead presents an investment proposal and a recommendation is made.

2.Chrysalix does not seek any intellectual property or special rights and encourage only non-confidential information be submitted. As a venture capital firm, we look to invest in existing start-ups or build new ones with strong IP positions. In general, at the Seed & Series A stage, we will invest $1M-$3M USD for 25%-35% ownership. 


3. Chrysalix looks for existing companies and top performers with ideas to build a companies around. We have had a long history of doing both.

4. Chrysalix is based in Vancouver, Canada and Delft, Netherlands. Investments will be made in North America, Europe and opportunistically in Asia.