CleanTech Incubator for EnergyRelated Technologies
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We will grow and support an innovative cluster that we have identified around clean energy through a CleanTech Incubator in Energy

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    Pulikkal Pankunny Ashokan Oct. 29, 2020, 10:51 p.m. PDT
    I a Researcher from India, Kerala.
    I have designed a few technologies for the growth of Hydro Power Projects and also to use water in Ocean and Rivers for mega Projects in MWs and TWs.
    In existing Reservoirs, water can be sent back to reservoir after power generation. My innovative designs/inventions to help grow hydro projects existing . Since my hydro power project will be highly successful in Ocean and Rivers, no need to look for new hydro where water scarcity is felt during hot summer.
    I wish to contact some companies in this field, to write to them about my projects. Also kindly help me with your guidance.
    Less cost, 24 hours power are my slogans.
    As per my new inventions, power can be generated by all individually, such a wonderful projects.
    Please write to
    P.P. Ashokan, Kerala, Cochin, India