The 2019 AlphaPilot and AIRR seasons finished with a head-to-head race between our winning team, MAVLab, and DRL's representative human pilot, Gab707. Through several course runs, MAVLab clocked a best time of 11.5 seconds; shaving a half-second off their winning time from the AIRR Championship. Their top speed was measured at 14.6 miles per hour. Manually piloting the RacerAI drone, Gab707 achieved a 6.9 second finish time, reaching 24.7 miles per hour.  Pilot vs. Programmer: Round 1 goes to Gab707...but by a much smaller margin than anticipated! 

We hope to build on this friendly competition in 2020 by giving our top programmers another chance to outperform the world's top human drone pilots. 

Gabriel Kocher