Congrats, Team MAVLab, for taking home the $1,000,000 prize with a winning time of 12 seconds! A tight competition with Team UZH Robotics & Perception, who clocked a best finishing time of 15 seconds.


Lockheed Martin is pleased to recognize Team MAVLab for their fantastic achievement in the 2019 AIRR Season. Selected among 424 team entries in the AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge, Team MAVLab has demonstrated commendable teamwork, agility, and innovation. Lockheed Martin launched AlphaPilot using benefits from the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. Our goal was to drive innovation and foster the development of cutting-edge AI applications. AI is an exponential technology with great potential benefits for humanity. The rapid progress of 9 Finalist teams over the season is evidence of how quickly technology can advance with the right talent. Together, our teams are helping make history, as we strive to achieve the “Deep Blue Moment” for autonomous flight – outperforming a human drone pilot. Your work is monumental to building a better future.