100% Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
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Paired Power manufactures 100% solar EV charging stations in the U.S., and wants to offer customers grid-tied and energy storage options.
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    Seth Kaye April 5, 2019, 3:31 a.m. PDT
    How is this not already a thing?! Not novel, so I'm rly glad you built that! If i had a parking lot or a car I would buy one! But I prolly won't. But I believe DC and MD both are trying to ramp up EV charger availability. Last I heard DC only had 6 public plugs in the whole city. But you should post your prices anyway. I'm going to guess it's $50-100K per rack, but I effing hate when companies hide their prices and make you email or call for a quote - it's always going to be too expensive, and I want to know if it's reasonable or not. Quotes are a lot of extra work for both of us, so you probably miss a ton of leads that are lazy. So shine some light on that so poors like me can tell the rich mofos to get hio! #MyTwoCents: Miniaturize for scooter charing and easy home installs for 1-2 cars with less steel and concrete. And/or scale up to make bus stops, cover BRT routes, make solar covered protected bike lanes happen, and wherever they fit! Check out this group and come to DC! The SRECs are LiT $400+!