Solar kit for low-power uses
short description
Provide a solar kit in a small, form factor of key components for capture, store and a universal connection for an application component.
Full Description
If a solar kit was available that had a small, form factor in its components and was able to handle a low-power application component, we would see more applications of solar in our day-to-day lives. Instead of thinking in terms of large, solar arrays for every purpose, let's have a diverse selection of capture, store and consume scenarios. To start this model let's target the low-power end...where we need to be for sustainability across the world. The key components in the kit should include a way to capture, store, wire together and a universal connection for application component. The application component would not be included in the core kit. Examples of the broad usage for this kit could be in art, jewelry, safety, lighting and even into schools as an educational component. Various companies could leverage the kit in their own applications.


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