Round 1 and Round 2 Technical Submission Template

Challenge Resource
brief description
Use this template for your Round 1 and Round 2 Technical Submission. Delete all help text (in grey highlights) and replace with your submission content.
additional information
• Up to 5 Pages for Round 1; Up to 10 Pages for Round 2
• Diagrams, graphs and pictures are counted within the page count
• No title page required

• Size 12 point of a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial (no condensed or narrow font).
• Smaller text is okay in tables, charts, figures, graphs as long as legible

Page Layout and Spacing
• Minimum 3/4 inch margin
• Minimum single line spacing

Section headers must be as described in this template:
• Section 1: Relevance, Impact & Significance
• Section 2: Innovation of Approach
• Section 3: Technical Credibility of Approach