Next-Gen Lighting Solutions

There is an inherent "value creating relationship" between low voltage DC microgrid-based LED lighting, and people who are working within the environment where they're used. long as a more capable type control system is used.

We hope to propose, design, build, and someday scale to manufacturing a defacto standard for sensor-managed indoor low voltage lighting based on the use of DC Microgrid standards for 24 or 48 volt systems & the people who could really use them.
1) The costs of this type of system of control & lighting need NOT be hugely expensive.
2) This solution can easily be "open sourced" for those w/the knowledge & skill to pursue & use a "creative commons" offered licensing of a new lighting controller's API software.
3) This is lighting as a service (LAAS) that large commercial or institutional buildings can use. (..and that can support energy transition in a way that electric utilities can support)
4) The system attributes are as follows:
safe to do adhoc design/build installations, and inexpensive & easy to do implement, & w/out any certifications needed,
The platform is a capable & safe system thanks to using 24 & 48 volt standard DC micro-grid implementation hardware.
The sensor components are low cost & based on IEEE 802 Wireless Standards
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