We are pleased to share that Geothermal Manufacturing Prize Ready! Contest winners have been announced! Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy Daniel R. Simmons just made the announcement at the Geothermal Resources Council 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting and Expo. 

The list of Ready! winners are as follows: 

Allen Swenson's team, “Innovation: Expanding Geothermal Energy Solutions,” Emeryville, CA

Bhushan Pendse's team, “3D Printed Frac plug for Geothermal Applications,” Houston, TX

Dreamer Geothermophiles, “Device to Remove Scale in Geothermal Wells by A.M.,” Grand Fork, ND

Edem Tsikata, “Capturing Energy in Extreme Downhole Conditions,” Cambridgeport, MA

Harold Snyder, “Geothermal 3-Axis Wideband Vibration-Accelerometer,” Rockwall, TX

Huilin Tu's team, “3D Printing of High-Temperature Elastomers,” Houston, TX

HyperSciences' Team, “HyperDrilled & 3D printed concrete CWD geo wells,” Spokane, WA

Lev Ring's team, “Closed Loop Helical Downhole Heat Exchanger,” Houston, TX

Multiscale Systems, “Additively Manufactured Mechanical Metamaterials,” Worcester, MA

Ozark Integrated Circuits, “Using AM to rapidly deploy new sensors into EGS,” Fayetteville, AR

Team Baker Hughes, “Additive Manufactured Backup-Rings for Packers,” Dallas, TX

Team PLUGS, “Optimization of Gas Sparger Head for Airlift,” Morgantown, WV

The Bit Guys, “Project Hot Hammer,” Morgantown, WV

Ultra-High Temperature Logging Tool, “Ultra High Temperature Logging Tool,” Houston, TX

Welltec, “Novel Metal Annular Barrier for Geothermal Systems,” Richmond, TX

Congratulations to these 15 teams and good luck in the competition! Look for additional information via e-mail on Monday with the next steps for the Set! contest. 

If you were not selected as a Ready! winner, you can still compete in the Set! Contest. The next phase of competition asks competitors to develop a design and build your team, and is open to all innovators. We encourage you to read the rules and attend the Geothermal Manufacturing Prize: Set! Contest 101 webinar on Monday, Oct. 26, at 1 p.m. ET.