Missed it live? You can find the recording of the webinar Geothermal Seismic 101 for Phase 2 of the Geophone Prize here

During this webinar Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) guests review why the industry needs: 

  •  high-sensitivity low-noise wide-bandwidth sensors,
  • the sensors at depth / 225C,
  • sensors to last for at least six months without degrading. 

They also review: 

  • how the industry normally record the signal coming from a sensor,
  • what a seismic array looks like in the field and how the industry streams the data to a central website,
  • what the industry does with the waveform data, 
  • what answers the industry is ultimately looking for from the data at depth that they are currently not getting now with low-temperature shallow tools. 

 Thank you!